Saturday, December 04, 2010


This is the creek that runs behind my house. Winter is here and everything is in its place. All is heavy and silent, except for the sound of flowing water. Nothing is stagnant, everything is in movement from within. That's exactly how I feel about my work these days. It is stirring my mind, my emotions and my results to fire at cone 9-10. I am glad to be surrounded by such beauty that is strong enough to calm me and help me contain the fire within.
My winters are never cold.
(I am SO ready for a woodkiln!)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Any trout in that creek?

Craig Edwards said...

What a wonderful well put!
Did you say wood kiln? What sort of pots do you want to get out of it?;o)
I happen to know of a fellow that has a cement mixer and brick saw etc.

Carmen Abdallah said...

Yes Mike, my neighbour says there are small trouts in our creek. The water level is much lower in the summer though.
Craig, I love your snowy posts too. Snow is amazing.
It's always so inspiring to me.
About that cement mixer and brick saw, is the postage included in the price?