Thursday, December 23, 2010

Warm winter day

People always rave about Maple trees in the fall. True they are magnificent in the fall. But have you taken a closer look in the winter...They're no Evergreens, they're more subtle. Here is an incognito maple grove in the winter, who manages to catch a nice amount of snow without having leaves and letting a light breeze and much light through it's branches. Perfect for a cross-country skiing stroll on a warm winter day.

Got a last minute order of mugs. Not a shape I ordinarily make, but I finally gave in to people's requests lately. They're not so bad to make, I just don't tend to drink out of things with handles. They are in the kiln as I'm writing this. The person who ordered them cancelled her order and two days later one of the stores I supply in Montréal called me up to see if I had more mugs. Things always work out, sometimes it takes longer than that, but in the end I guess it always does.

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