Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hand-built vase I

22.5cm X 26cm

Various long plates

38.5cm X 1.5cm X 14cm

38.5cm X 2cm X 14.5cm

close-up of a third plate

Larger bowls

20.5cm X 12.5cm

26.5cm X 6.5cm

Cups and bowls

7.5cm X 9.5cm

17cm X 5cm

Japanese-style lanterns

Each lantern has an electric light inside

My Artist Statement

I lived in Japan for three years near Arita and Imari, which are ceramic and porcelain-rich areas of Kyushu, Japan. My final year in Japan was dedicated to a one-year apprenticeship at the Hiryu-gamma kiln in Takeo, Japan.

In Montréal, I have adapted to the reality of a potter's life in Canada. I have begun doing more research and testing with ash glazes. My work varies from japanese-style lanterns to cups, bowls, and pots.

My work is oriented towards the awareness of humanity in the daily use of art. I am trying to raise the level of consciousness between the difference of using unique hand-made wares versus serial machine made ones. My work blends a traditional craft with a more individual one.

My main focus, which was reinforced with the japanese perception of ceramics, continues to be towards the functionality of ceramic art.