Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Dragon fly-ash Gama

November 23rd -24th 2012-YEAR OF THE DRAGON-
The first firing was extraordinary! Everything went smoothly. The kiln was surrounded by passionate people, alot of wood and beautiful moon rays.
The temperature rose gradually the entire time. We all stayed relaxed but focused. The last 3 hours were very intense but very exciting. And out of the blue 6 friends showed up almost at the same time. They brought their energy, encouragement, food and enormous help. The firing lasted about 24hours including the warming-up.
Soon we'll open the kiln to reveal it's potential. I am extremely thankful to all the elements that made this amazing experience come through.

November 23rd 2012, loading the kiln for the first time
Daniel in the kiln
4PM, the kiln is almost full

Start of kiln around 6h30pm

24th of november 2012, 1AM, the fire is finally warming us up a little

It is -4 oustide and it snowed

8AM, around cone05

8h25AM, chopping wood into smaller strips

The chopper

9AM , the kiln is going gradually and stongly


The sensei

3h30 and cones 5 and 8 and 9 are down

4h20, the final countdown begins as cone 10 is bending

Full steam ahead

5h30pm,Final reduction

Fire show begins! 

Impressive flammes!
An unforgettable adventure

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Unknown said...

Je suis très honoré d'avoir vécu pleinement cette expérience de rêve...

Gros merci à Carmen et Criss