Thursday, July 07, 2011

June fire

Kyusu. Ash deposit on raw clay
In June, I participated in my first wood-firing. André Lacroix is an experienced potter who has a phoenix-style updraft wood kiln. Four potters, including me rented his kiln for a firing. It was a wonderful experience to spend two days with a bunch of great potters on the beautifully located kiln site.
The sun was shining, the food was great and the firing went very well. What more to expect?
Daniel loading the kiln
Daniel stoking the firebox

Marie-Josée, me and Daniel 

Lunchtime, a feast at every meal
André(bottom right) Julie, another potter(next to him)

Portrait of the team infront of the kiln
left to right: myself, André, Marie-Josée, Daniel (sitting), Julie and Nicholas

Opening the kiln after the firing

cups from the firing
Kaki and ash glaze

Urn. Ash glaze, a bit of blue glaze and natural ash deposit

Urn. brushed kaki on raw clay and ash deposit

Kyusu and two cups
Kaki and ash glaze


Anonymous said...

Wow! looks like lots of fun. And you got some nice things out of it from the looks of things. How long did you fire? How hot? Those cone packs look pretty flat.

Carmen Abdallah said...

Hey Mike, Yeah it was a great bunch. When one has no expectations, things turn out pretty sweet usually.
We fired for 12 hours and got to cone 11 flat,so maybe a bit of cone 12 in there.It was an easy kiln to fire though, not much sweat, The temp kept rising gradually and after 5 hours or so the top and bottom were pretty close.So everyone was happy with results in general.We even had time for a dip in the river in the middle of the day.What else is there...

Pascale said...

wow! four à bois!!! Les pièces sont superbes!

EG said...

Wonderful to see your work just out of the kiln. We can see the mood of the experience and maybe the inspiration for your work....a real part of nature.

It was great to see your new pieces at 1001 Pots and Kao Gallery in Val David.I hope to collect more in future!
Elisabeth Galante