Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Artist Statement

I lived in Japan for three years near Arita and Imari, which are ceramic and porcelain-rich areas of Kyushu, Japan. My final year in Japan was dedicated to a one-year apprenticeship at the Hiryu-gamma kiln in Takeo, Japan.

In Montréal, I have adapted to the reality of a potter's life in Canada. I have begun doing more research and testing with ash glazes. My work varies from japanese-style lanterns to cups, bowls, and pots.

My work is oriented towards the awareness of humanity in the daily use of art. I am trying to raise the level of consciousness between the difference of using unique hand-made wares versus serial machine made ones. My work blends a traditional craft with a more individual one.

My main focus, which was reinforced with the japanese perception of ceramics, continues to be towards the functionality of ceramic art.


Luther and Paul said...


Love the work it looks awesome! Chris sent me this way. I want a Japanese Lantern! How do I get one!

Miss you guys!

Sammy V.

Yamabushi said...

Nice web page! I can see you've been busy. Those are beautiful pieces. It seems like you work has really grown. I'm still the proud owner of several works from your early "Nippon Jidai" period. People often ask me where they can get one. Now I know were to send them. You might want to think about shipping to Japan.



Zen said...

daiski! honto kire!