Saturday, September 24, 2011

Potters' summer action

It's been almost three months already since I've written on my blog...
Well, to catch up on that time passed way to quickly here is what I've been up to.
Working and exhibiting at 1001POTSin July and August. If you've never heard of this unique and great ceramics exhibit, take a look at their website:
For me the highlights of that 23rd season besides seeing and touching over 100 Potters' work was a few events, like the following:  

 A potters competition organized by tucker's clay which was alot of fun. It was a series of challenges like; handbuild the tallest structure with 5kg of clay and walk 5 feet with it or throw with your eyes covered the tallest and widest shape etc
The final prize was a brand new shimpo whisper wheel. I got second place! I was told that I basically lost by 1 cm!!!

Another event was the Japanese tea ceremony held by the Chado Urasenke Montréal. It was fascinating to see them prepare themselves, prepare the tea, offering it etc. ,but most interestingly was to see different bowls by many different potters take an important part in this calming and beautiful ceremony.

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