Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Follow the light

I think I must start every winter post with an inspiring winter scenery, sorry..

I always like to make lanterns for the end of fall, just after the time-change and when everything gets dark early. Light is so uplifting during that time and all through winter, I find. It's been a bit delayed this year and I made them for early winter. I always find it fascinating to stare at light in the dark.
I feel like a fairy with my lanterns, able to alternate whichever environment one may be in just by turning the light switch on. The lanterns can reflect the light and motifs on the walls and all the way to the ceiling making us forget where we are and who we are (for a brief moment if you're an adult). 
It's very relaxing.  In early december, I made an installation with a few other potters of  about 20 lanterns in a dark room. When one enters the space, it's like stepping into a fantasy world. It's magical.
Here are some examples of my work, even though it's hard to compare it with the real experience..

Square lantern, 60cm high, 25cm wide

Square Lantern, detail

Drop lantern, 35cm high


Linda Starr said...

OH those lanterns are mesmerizing, love them.

Carmen Abdallah said...

Thank you Linda. And welcome to my blog.

Craig Edwards said...

Carmen: Tasty lanterns!! Perfect for the long nights. How did you get such fine detail?
Who else could make these, but you... they are Carmen.
Thanks,,, looking forward to your next post.
PS... How about our friend Mike!!